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 The Most Detailed Analysis Of Your Portfolio.
 Make Decisions On The Go, Anywhere, Anytime (Mobile And Tablet PC Compatible).
 Know Your Portfolio’s Net Worth At A Glance.
 Automatically Calculate Commissions, Transfer Charges And Capital Gains In Your Purchases And Sales.
 Know Your Stock’s Daily Gain/Loss Performance. Know Which Of Your Stocks Are Making You Money And Which Are Costing You Money.
 Live Price Updates.
 View The Total Investments And Current Market Value Of Multiple Shareholders From A Single Account.
 View Detailed Financial Information Such As Dividend History, EPS, ROE, ROA Etc. About The Companies You Have In Your Portfolio.
 Comprehensive Event Calendar With Information About Events Of All Companies To Keep You Up To Date.
 Integrated ‘Ask Expert’ Section To Address All Your Queries.
 Integrate Loans, Cash Dividends And Other Expenses And Incomes Into Your Net Worth Calculation.